As a self-motivated Part 145 Maintenance Manager, you will be using your experience within an aircraft engineering environment for maintenance activities, including scheduled and unscheduled maintenance in response to our customers’ work orders / requirements.

Reporting to the Accountable Manager for maintenance the Maintenance Manager will be responsible for leading and managing the day-to-day activities of our Part-145 maintenance operations at our base in St. Athan.

The post holder will be responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of maintenance facilities as well as meeting all regulatory needs and reporting any deficiencies The post holder will be acceptable to the relevant regulatory bodies to hold the Form 4 position of maintenance manager.

Main responsibilities

  • Responsible for the satisfactory completion and certification of all work required by contracted operators in accordance with the work specification.
  • Ensure that the organisations procedures and standards are complied with when carrying out maintenance.
  • Ensures the competence of all personnel engaged in maintenance is satisfactory.
  • Establish a program of training and continuation training using internal or external sources.
  • Ensures all subcontract orders are correctly detailed and that the requirements of the contract are fulfilled in respect all inspection and quality control.
  • Provides feedback to the quality system about the services provided by contracted organisations, subcontractors.
  • Responds to quality deficiencies in the area of activity for which he is responsible, which arise from independent quality audits.
  • Ensures through the workforce under his control that the quality of workmanship in the final product is too a standard acceptable the organisation and Competent Authority.
  • Implementation of the safety policy and human factors issues.
  • Ensures availability of facilities appropriate to the planned work including the hangers, workshops, Office accommodation stores as applicable for the planned work.
  • Ensures availability of a working environment appropriate to the task being undertaken.
  • Responsibility for the incoming inspection of component, parts, materials, tools and equipment, the related classification, segregation, and storage according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Develops production planning system appropriate to the amount and complexity of the maintenance scope of work.
  • Ensures availability of tools, equipment, and materials to perform the planned tasks.
  • Ensures availability of sufficient competent personnel to plan, perform, supervise, inspect, and certify the work being performed.
  • Ensures availability of all necessary maintenance data as required by part 145.A.45.
  • Recording and notification of any inaccurate, incomplete, or ambiguous procedure, practice information or maintenance instruction contained in the maintenance data used by maintenance personnel to the author of maintenance data.
  • Providing a common work card or worksheet system to be used throughout relevant parts of the organisation and ensure such documents comply with part 145.A.45(e).
  • Responsible for supplying the necessary technical documents for customers and storage of the organisation’s technical records.
  • Maintain adherence to Company Health & Safety policy by all staff and report issues/concerns (including 5S, Housekeeping, etc.).
  • Training and development of the maintenance team to ensure succession planning is in place and the team is equipped to manage business demand.
  • Any other duties associated with, or different from those specified above at the request of the Senior Management, or to meet the needs of the business demands.

Skills and experience

The company requires as a prerequisite to employment as the Maintenance Manager and to be nominated for the Nominated Post Holders position the following Technical/ academic/experience:

  • 6 years post qualification experience as a Part 66 licenced engineer.
  • Demonstrable Experience of aircraft maintenance within an aircraft maintenance organisation;
  • Working knowledge of the Part 145 and Part M regulations;
  • Clear understanding of Human Factors, CCDCL and EWIS;
  • At least 5 years’ experience of engineering management.

To be excellent in this role you will have/be: 

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Project Management (implementation to execution)
  • Budget Management
  • Strong Leadership skills
  • Team player (Hands on)
  • Energised/Enthusiastic with a professional ‘can do’ attitude


  • ecube HQ - St Athan, Wales


To apply please send your CV to Heather Ringrose-Hall via email @ [email protected] together with a covering letter explaining why you would be brilliant in this role.