Coolidge, Arizona

Our most recent site, based in Coolidge Municipal Airport - Arizona, expands our storage capacity to 200+ aircraft and number of part-out / teardown lines to 10.

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Advantages of our North American site

  • Just 1 ½ hrs drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport
  • Perfect climate for parking and storage
  • Maintenance services in collaboration with AeroField Services

The full-service capability at Coolidge now includes:

  • Full Part 145 capabilities.
  • Short- & long-term storage programmes for aircraft.
  • A dedicated engine teams including Boroscoping and removals.
  • Logistic services including warehousing and trucking.
  • Leasing of engine stands & Tooling.
  • Technical oversite and inspection services.
  • Full disassembly and crating services.
  • Remote disassembly. ​​​​​​
St Athan, Wales

St Athan, Wales

Castellón, Spain

Castellón, Spain

Coolidge, AZ

Coolidge, AZ

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