Our six values are fundamental to everything we do. They support our Vision and Mission and allow us to grow our workforce with individuals that support these values.

Our Values

  • All working together to deliver for our customes, the ecube way. One team. One vision. One mission. 

  • Allowing us to do our jobs more easily, and with more focus. Eliminating waste. Evaluating efficiency. Sharing improvements.

    Continuous Improvement
  • The customer is always at the heart of everything we do. Without them, we cease to exist. We listen. We learn. We love to deliver. 

    Customer Focused
  • Investing in our green credentials to help protect our planet. Encouraging ideas to improve our environmental footprint, with the aim of becoming sector leading. 

    Environmentally Focused
  • Negativity breeds negativity and positivly breeds positivity. We need to help each other to be at our best. To be positive when facing challenges and passionate about the work we do. 

    Positive & Passionate
  • Trust does not work both ways. It works all ways! The company trusts it's employees, our employees trust the company, warranting trust from all those we work with. 







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