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Efficient, trackable, and trusted aircraft dismantling services with ecube


Over 93% of every aircraft re-used or recycled

At ecube, our unique aircraft dismantling process is more efficient and effective than most. Using a unique zonal approach, we are able to support harvest lists in the 1000s , ensuring all parts and components are safely packaged and ready for delivery. 

We work methodically and accurately on every aircraft undergoing end of life dismantling to maximum value for our Lessor, Airline and Asset Trading customers. 

Average turnaround of 3-5 weeks

We provide efficient turnaround time which align with your timescales, without compromising on quality.  In some cases, our finely tuned dismantling process allows us to dismantle an aircraft in just 3-5 weeks.

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Meticulous component tracking and storage

  • Diamond level AFRA accreditation.
  • IS0 9001 certified.;
  • Dedicated in-house carpentry team.
  • 99% accuracy of component PN/SN capture.
  • 50,000 components tracked, stored and delivered every year.
  • Temperature controlled storage environment available.
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About Us

Keeping you informed

Stay informed every step of the way, with our dedicated customer service team. We strive to ensure that when you work with ecube, we not only meet your expectations, but raise them. 

About Us

A full range of services

As well as aircraft dismantling, we also provide aircraft and engine storage, third-party logistics and customs management solutions for aviation assets. 

Our ethos of efficiency, quality and trust carries through every service we offer, so you can be certain your assets are in safe hands. We have sites in the UKUS and Europe, which both operate to the same industry-leading standards.

About Us

Supporting aviation’s circular economy

Everything we do at ecube has sustainability in mind. We believe that the key to promoting a circular economy in aviation is to ensure every part which is salvageable is put back in service whenever possible. One reused part means one less to manufacture and one less in landfill. We work collaboratively with customers and our trusted partners to ensure components and materials are circulated at their highest value.


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