13 March 2024

ecube's Spanish base hits 50 aircraft disassemblies

ecube's Spanish base hits 50 aircraft disassemblies

After reaching 400 total aircraft disassemblies as a group in January, ecube’s Spanish base has now reached 50, with around 50% of those completed in the last two years.


The Airbus A330-200, that originally arrived at the facility in October 2023, commenced disassembly in March 2024.

After undergoing a period of on-site storage and maintenance, the wide-bodied aircraft becomes the second widebody project of the year for ecube, with even more in the pipeline across all bases.

Lee McConnellogue, CEO of ecube said:

“Our base in Spain was originally established to support with the implications of Brexit, it has since grown to be a stronghold for EU storage, disassembly and transition programmes and excelled when aviation near shut down during COVID-19.

“To reach this milestone in five years, on top of all the storage and transition projects we’ve completed in that time, is quite the achievement. We’re really pleased, and it realises our mission to deliver equal service across all bases.

“Thanks to all our airline, lessor and parts companies that have backed us along the way.”

ecube is proud to work with Carlyle Aviation Partners, who delivered the 50th aircraft to be disassembled at its Castellón base in Spain, on this milestone project, and sees them as a partner that exemplifies responsible aircraft ownership whilst promoting the best practices across the sector.

Carlyle have worked with ecube as not only an originator, but also as a disassembly customer and have played a huge part in ecube’s growth since establishing in 2011.

Rob Taylor, CTO of Carlyle Aviation Partners, said:

“We are proud to work closely with ecube, a valued partner of Carlyle Aviation since 2011. We look forward to continuing our relationship as we seek efficient and environmentally focused solutions for aircraft disassembly and recycling services.”


Did you know?

  • The very first wide-bodied aircraft to arrive at ecube’s Spanish base was also an A330-200, back in November 2019.


ecube specialises in connecting aircraft owners and parts companies together to maximise mutual value.

Aircraft are highly complex assets that hold significant value at all stages of their lifecycle. Over the last decade we have become the global leaders in Aircraft Storage, Disassembly and Transition.

We have achieved this by understanding that every aircraft project is different, which is why the processes at each of our global facilities are highly responsive, adapting to the requirements of the next owner or operator, throughout the aircraft’s lifespan. At the end of which, and at each location, our parts customers get the unrivalled speed & accuracy that they need, allied to our AFRA Diamond Level quality status.

We continue to build on this position, deepening our disassembly services and continuously improving every aspect of our capabilities. We are actively growing our maintenance offerings to meet the needs of customers returning aircraft to service.

By delivering unmatched levels of re-use and recycling of materials in the industry, we are committed to our customers, our people, and the circular economy. This is the ecube way.

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