22 May 2023

The boroscope blog

The boroscope blog
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Bob Haden - ecube maintenance Limited accountable manager


It is already Mid-May and to quote another one of our blogs, ‘How time flies’.

We have been proud to welcome more than 6 aircraft through our ecube maintenance hangar doors this year 4 arrivals with one departure after a return to service and currently returning an A321 to service whilst 2023 has also seen us expand our service offering which now includes:


  • Aircraft arrival
  • Aircraft short- or long-term storage
  • Engine MPA Runs
  • Assisting and facilitating trusted boroscope partners
  • Engine removal & continued airframe storage.
  • Engine QEC inventory checks
  • Aircraft end of lease inventory checks
  • Aircraft end of lease customer inspections / surveys
  • Aircraft pre-purchase inspections / surveys


Our list of services has been supplemented by our recent B757 and B767 approvals and all being well, there are even more on the horizon.

As a key part of ecube’s marketplace offering, the maintenance team enable any customer to deliver an aircraft to us and know that there are options for re-delivery left on the table. Although we see a near 86% conversion rate from arrival to disassembly, our maintenance services ensures that aircraft not destined for disassembly are stored, maintained, and redelivered as and when needed.

I look forward to updating you again soon.

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