7 September 2022

The boroscope blog

The boroscope blog

Wijnand Baars – Part 145 Maintenance Manager | Form 4 Holder | B1/B2/C Engineer


All of us within ecube maintenance are delighted with how 2022 has turned out to date. We have set ourselves ambitious targets, achieved desired accreditation levels and are continuing to develop our capabilities further to support our customers.

But what is a typical week at ecube maintenance like?

The general perception is that we deal with operational challenges and tasks focused on aircraft and engine storage prior to disassembly, though that is only half the story.

It is true we do not have the same challenges as a maintenance line station operating for airlines/aircraft at commercial airports, but our challenges are equally dynamic. For example…

Our schedule for a loaded week could consist of engine removals, MPA engine runs for a new aircraft arrival and borescope inspections. As well as engine and APU preservations, initial/periodic parking/storage tasks and aircraft movements as required. Oh, and not to forget, the pleasure of occasionally returning an aircraft to service. 

We are changing and adapting our schedules constantly however as aircraft arrivals can get delayed, engine BSIs have significant findings delaying the planned removals and, during maintenance, we may find a seized borescope plug or even a leaking fuel pump. As a result, it is critical that we prepare for an ever-changing environment.

I am pleased to answer the opening question with the answer of ‘there is no typical week!’ and the team and I enjoy that variety and opportunity to support our customers and their representatives on site.


Discover more about ecube maintenance and our Parking, Care and Maintenance service.

As Maintenance Manager / Form 4 holder, Wijnand is responsible for day-to-day Part-145 activities, ensuring the smooth running of the operation, whilst meeting Part-145 regulatory requirements.

His role as Licensed Engineer sees him actively involved, alongside the rest of the team, in all the aircraft maintenance activities, including routine maintenance, modifications / reconfigurations and defect rectification.


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