3 December 2018

Business growth drives management team expansion

Business growth drives management team expansion

The inexorable growth of eCube Solutions through 2017 and 2018 has been significant in percentage terms.

During 2017, we ran an average of three disassembly lines, largely with the same organisational structure as in earlier years. As we moved into 2018 this rate of de-production increased to four lines, each line completing a disassembly project within a turnaround time of five weeks. As the year progressed, it became clear to the directors of the business that this higher rate would demand a greater depth of organisation, both in terms of production and administration; consequently steps were taken to create a new structure from which to create a scalable business.

Two key roles have been fulfilled in the last quarter of 2018:

Jane Ashton-Farr has been hired as General Manager of St. Athan, taking overall management responsibility for the St. Athan operation

Philip Lewis has been hired as Head of Logistics, responsible for running the warehouses, managing and shipping customer inventory, and the operation of our customs regimes

Further key positions are expected to be filled over the next six months to develop a robust organisation to sustain the future growth of the business.

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