19 April 2024

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI)

The Potential For Aircraft And The Circular Economy

KPMG says the circular economy in aviation is ‘a concept whose time has come’. In its report on Circularly in Flight, published in March, it looks at:

  • How airlines can achieve their ESG goals
  • The expected size of the market in the next decade
  • The rate of retiring aircraft by 2038
  • The need for industry collaboration to effect meaningful change.

We give our own analysis on these ideas here and the full report can be downloaded from their website here https://kpmg.com/ie/en/home/insights/2024/03/circularity-in-flight-fs-aviation.html


Passenger Numbers Up, But Can Airlines Keep Pace?

Cirium released its latest research in March. It shows the rise in passenger numbers, but Kevin O’Toole (Chief Strategy Officer) also asks an important question about whether airlines can respond while supply remains slow?

‘The ongoing recovery in Asia should help to keep world traffic moving upwards through 2024. The bigger question is perhaps whether airlines will be able to keep supply and demand in balance, especially as the input costs continue to rise. Going in to 2024, analysis of the Cirium forward-looking schedule suggests that capacity growth remains modest at around 4% for the year and likely to run a point or two behind demand, as it has during 2023.’



How Will The P&W Issues Affect The Industry?


Our CEO, Lee McConnellogue takes a look at the issues at Pratt & Whitney. Does its affect on the industry depend on where you sit? Do grounded aircraft tend to be more of an issue for airlines that rely on market share?

You can read Lee’s thoughts here: How Will The P&W Issues Affect The Industry? | LinkedIn

There’s also more on this issue in Aviation Week.



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