17 June 2022

Check in with the CEO

Check in with the CEO

I have now been with the ecube family for just over two weeks and firstly, want to say thanks to everyone I have met to date for the warm welcome.

Across the course of the action packed 17 days I have had the pleasure of meeting our teams in St Athan - Spending time with each of our departments, sometimes even being allowed to use some tools. Getting exposure to everything ecube has to offer, from Part-145, disassembly and disposal, to logistics, customer service gearbox and technical support.

There has even been time to dive into the circular economy of ecube’s offering with our upcycling team. With a few more teams to meet within St Athan and a trip to our EU facility in Castellón, I cannot wait to experience more of the same.

A trip over the pond to Denver, Colorado

The 2022 AFRA Convention gave me an early insight into sustainability in the sector and how we are leading. It also provided me with the opportunity to meet many of our great customers – I met quite a few of our current and potential customers in America and have been in contact with many more by phone and mail.


Destination Dublin

I am looking forward to a trip to Dublin next week where I plan to meet with more of our fantastic customers – that trip will be followed by the much anticipated site visit of Castellón, where we will also hold the June Board meeting.



Time to delve a little deeper

Let's talk

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