4 February 2019

Decision to launch Spanish facility

Decision to launch Spanish facility

After 18 months of market research, the management team of ecube has made a strategic decision to launch a Spanish company, based at Castellón Airport, a fully regulated airport one hour north of Spain's third largest city, Valencia.

The concept is to replicate the services, systems and company culture of the ecube facility in the UK. Given the superior climatic conditions in the Iberian peninsula relative to northern Europe, we anticipate that the Castellón facility will be an attractive location for parking & storage services. We forecast that this primary service will ultimately be supplemented by 2 - 3 lines of disassembly.

The existing apron area in Castellón Airport is sufficient for parking up to 15 narrowbody aircraft. The airport authority has proposed two areas for further development to lay down hard standing for parked aircraft. Each development would enhance the parking area by an additional 15 - 25 aircraft, leading to a total potential for 50 -70 aircraft. This should provide sufficient volume to offer a single location solution should there be a failure of a significant non-US operator in the next market downturn.

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