21 August 2023

ecube supports up and coming Welsh pool star

ecube supports up and coming Welsh pool star

Rising Welsh Pool Prodigy, Coner Keil, Gets Boost from ecube on his Path to European Triumph


Coner Keil, a 17-year-old Welsh Youth International Pool star, is gearing up to make waves at European tournament, thanks to the support of ecube. With his sights set on raising expectations, Coner's journey is a testament to his dedication.

Reflecting on his journey so far, Coner said: "I have been playing pool for around three years now. I started playing with my dad, who works at ecube, when I was 14 in a local league and really got the bug for it. I’ve continued to practice 4 or 5 times a week and worked hard and then went on tour with the Welsh Juniors, I feel like I’ve taken to it like a duck to water.”

Next on the horizon for Coner is a journey to Malta, where he'll be competing in the prestigious European Blackball Championships 2023 Coner expressed his gratitude for ecube's support, which will go towards travel costs, saying: "I can't thank ecube enough for their support in contributing towards the travel expenses. This contribution is truly a game-changer, making anything possible. With this boost, I'm determined to come back after winning something at the tournament and then want to go on and qualify for the Welsh under 23 team.”

Guiding him through this journey is father, Peter Keil, a seasoned ecube employee, a skilled player himself. Coner mentioned: "A lot of knowledge has been passed down to me, my dad has played at a high level and does pass on good information throughout my matches. Although he might not think I always listen!"

Exciting plans lie ahead for Coner, including the creation of a personalised shirt bearing the ecube branding, intended to serve as his official attire during games.

The entire ecube family extends their support to Coner as he prepares for the impending tournament in Malta and the rest of the season.


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