30 August 2016

First military projects

First military projects

Having made their last operational flights in October 2013, the final Hercules C-130K transport aircraft delivered to the RAF were transferred to MOD St Athan, initially for storage and potential onward sale.

The arrival of these aircraft at St. Athan brought to an end 46 years of RAF C-130K service. The numbers of C-130Ks in RAF service had slowly dwindled since 2000, with some early disposals to Lockheed Martin in part exchange for new C-130Js.

The stored aircraft had been modified for a range of special operations with provision for an array of defensive aids, sensor systems and Enhanced Vision Systems. Whether these modified airframes are viable for a future operator, or whether they are subsequently parted-out for spares use, will determine the scope of work involved in their final disposal.

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