4 June 2024

If You Know us for Precision Disassembly. Check Out Our Maintenance & Transition Too.

Any aircraft that arrives at ecube locations has options: store, transition, maintain, disassemble. In the UK, EU and USA, we provide advice and services for your asset. This makes it easy for your aircraft to transition seamlessly to its next phase of life, whether that’s a period of storage, some line or base maintenance, or transition.


All of our locations carry out maintenance and transition services. At our three facilities in St Athan, Castellón and Coolidge we have approvals tailored to the regions we serve and in all cases the approval and capability suite is growing.


Aircraft stored at ecube can easily be prepared to return to service. We offer our customers immediate troubleshooting and minor repairs or the opportunity for a comprehensive inspection and repair work. Our maintenance services are designed to fit to your needs. This includes scheduled work packages, configuration changes and modification upgrades.


For example: we are working with an increasing number of customers post storage. Once a storage programme has been completed, your aircraft asset can be flight-ready to return to service. We offer services from scheduled maintenance checks, MODS, SBs and AD, through to bespoke maintenance packages. These also allow the transition from an aircraft’s originating owner to a new owner. Or if you see the value in a disassembly project, we can offer sector leading advice, guidance, and the service to complete the project – all based at the same location.


ecube transitions include:

  • Aircraft preservation programme for storage as per AMM
  • CAMO Services within UK and EU locations
  • MPA runs
  • Access & recovery for BSI’s
  • Engine and APU preservation/de-preservation
  • Serviceable removal of engines and APUs
  • Short and long term storage for engines and APUs
  • Engine reinstallation
  • Airfract reactivation
  • Routine maintenance
  • Modifications
  • Reconfigurations


This is a growing area for ecube. We are commissioning new facilities and growing our teams of skilled engineers. We’re not just disassemblers; we can also maintain and transition your aircraft, ready for its onward journey.


To find out more about transition and maintenance for your aircraft visit here.

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