1 March 2018

Series of lease redeliveries from SAS

Series of lease redeliveries from SAS

SAS Scandinavian Airlines has redelivered 13 aircraft at eCube Solutions over an 11 month period between March 2017 and February 2018, making them the highest volume operator delivering aircraft to eCube Solutions to date.

12 of the aircraft have been Boeing 737NG types, and one has been a V2500-powered A320, with five separate leasing companies responsible for their respective redelivery programmes.

The delivery timetable has been refined by SAS Flight Operations to a very efficient programme, minimising the absence of their flight crews; typically the aircraft departs from its main base in Scandinavia at 1230 hrs, lands at St. Athan at 1500 hrs, and the flight crew then take the 10 minute drive to Cardiff International Airport to catch the 1715 hrs flight back via Amsterdam, arriving home that evening.

Over the last year, the SAS flight crews have become very familiar with the team at eCube, and the routine of just taking half a day away from the main base to perform these ferry flights!

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