Our solution-focused services will help you maximise your assets' value without compromising on quality.

ecube EOL

ecube EOL

Accurate and efficient zonal disassembly, aircraft demolition and recycling, accredited by AFRA.
ecube PCM

ecube PCM

Keep your aircraft ready to fly with our Parking, Care and accredited Maintenance (PCM) programme.
ecube 3PL

ecube 3PL

Bespoke crating fabrications, climate controlled storage and experts in customs management.
ecube Upcycling

ecube Upcycling

Purchase aircraft salvage components for safety, training & education purposes.


  • 200

    Storage for over 200 aircraft across all our sites

  • 1

    The first aircraft disassembler in Europe to receive Diamond Level AFRA Accreditation

    Diamond level
  • 10

    Disassembly Recyling & Disposal Lines, all with a guaranteed five week turnaround time

  • 500

    Capable of handling assets valued up to $500 million

  • 50,000

    We are trusted to package, store and deliver more than 50,000 components every year

  • 2,100

    Bespoke crates are built every year. These bespoke packaging solutions are seen as the best in the industry.

    Bespoke crates
  • 0

    We are proud to target a zero waste to landfill EOL service


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