29 July 2022

ecube CEO Lee McConnellogue joins AFRA Board of Directors

ecube CEO Lee McConnellogue joins AFRA Board of Directors

Responsible for overseeing the management of the Association as well as developing the long-term financial and strategic plans, the board of directors at AFRA are dedicated to driving environmental and performance standards in the end-of-life sector. Lee stands in for the remainder of the term previously held by ecube co-founder Mike Corne.

Mike said:

“Being a part of the AFRA Board for the past five years has been a real privilege. All of our customers speak highly of the importance of working with AFRA-accredited companies and, for me, having the opportunity to play a small part in the growth of the association has been fantastic.”

Following the appointment to the AFRA Board, ecube CEO Lee said:

“I am delighted to be joining the Board at AFRA, I look forward to contributing to the Association and promoting its mission in the industry. We are proud to be a member of AFRA and truly believe that following their Best Management Practices [BMPs] and being accredited is of benefit to all our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.”


In case you missed it - ecube recently satisfied the requirements for accreditation under the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association’s Best Management Practices and became the first AFRA aircraft disassembler in Europe to achieve Diamond level status for Aircraft Disassembly.



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